It is generally considered a cordial gesture to be asked by interviewers whether you, as an interviewee, have any questions to ask at the end of an interview. Our recruitment specialists at KONNEKT, highly advise that you take on this offer and ask a question or two that will make you stand out from other applicants. You may want to ask questions that are tied to your education or previous working experience in the industry. Asking specific questions may be an opportunity to showcase your knowledge in the industry or company at hand, may convey your enthusiasm to work and grow within the company, or show that you’ve picked up on something the interviewer mentioned earlier.

It is paramount that you prepare the questions to ask your interviewer. As an interviewee during an interview, you are also interviewing the company, understanding whether the company culture and position are in line with your career aspirations. Questions needs to be tactful and in line with the conversation, such as the team structure, what are the expectations for the person within the first 6 months, and what are the opportunities of growth after that. You may wish to ask questions relevant to the job advert which may have not been discussed in the meeting. Avoid questions like working hours, or salary particularly during first interview as this may show interest in the company’s benefits rather than the company itself.

Interviews should be regarded as two-way conversations, whereby both the interviewee and the company are assessing compatibility and acquiring more insight about one another. A career change or change in workplace, should be a positive experience and your workplace should allow you space to thrive, therefore now would be a good time to get feedback on certain aspects of the job or answers to your queries.

Some generic questions you may ask your interviewer are:

- What are the target goals I would be expected to achieve per month/within the first six months?

- How is the team structured and who will I be reporting to?

- Will I undergo a training period?

- What have the struggles of new employees in your company been during the first few months?

- What is the most challenging situation the company has faced or is currently facing?

An interview is one of the initial opportunities where you get to prove yourself to an employer. This process can be nerve wracking for many. Anxiety is derived due to the release of the stress hormone called Cortisol, as well as adrenaline.

How do I calm myself before an interview?

Calming your nerves prior to an interview is done best by adequately preparing yourself beforehand. There are a few things you may do prior to an interview that will help you calm your nerves and make you feel more confident in your approach:

Knowing yourself; firstly, it is necessary to know what industry you would like to and can work in, based on your strengths, weaknesses, goals and achievements. If this means changing your career path, you may want to consider meeting one of our Konnekt recruiters to discuss your current job, expectations and prospects. The recruiter will assess your skills, interests and personality and will help you match these with jobs in the Konnekt database.

Know the company; find out as much as you can about the company you are interviewing for, namely what they do, what their ethics are, how they are structured, who their competitors are, and what events are currently ongoing within the company.

Know the position you are applying for; read the job description thoroughly and be sure you understand every duty expected to be completed in that role. Take this a step further and carry out a little extra research about the job in general, within that particular industry. Identify the skills you have and can transfer to this role in the company you’re applying at. Here you need to be able to answer problem solving questions specific to the company.

Get your details right; be punctual - we suggest you arrive 15 minutes early - and make sure you go for your interview on the agreed day and time. Should you be unfamiliar with the location where the interview is set, make to to go the day before so that you familiarize yourself with the route. Remember the name of your interviewer and save the contact number of the company on your phone in case of emergency before the interview.

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