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MT 7041/16
Our client is a well established manufacturer of specialised stainless steel products, now looking for a Draughtperson to join their team. Draughtperson MT 7041/16 The successful candidate...

Accountant (Gaming)

MT 3318/16
New! Featured
 Our client is an esteemed company operating within the iGaming industry. They are currently looking for an Accountant to join their dynamic Finance team.  MT 3318/16 Accountant...

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KONNEKT was founded in 2007 and is now Malta’s largest recruitment agency. We are a relationship-building, rather than sales-oriented team and we are passionate about matching the right people with the right firms. Throughout the years, KONNEKT has worked with some of Malta’s most renowned and well-established brands, and is proud to have exceeded the expectations of candidates at various stages of their careers.

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