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Assistant Shop Manager

MT 2513/16
Our client is a company who is setting up business in Malta and is an international franchise that needs the services of an Assistant Shop Manager. Assistant Shop Manager MT 2513/16 You will...

Administration Officer

MT 4225/16
Our client is a company that offers chauffeur driven service, corporate services and tours. They would like to employ an Administration Officer. Administration Officer MT 4225/16 As an...

Social Media Manager

MT 2434/16
Our Client; a local renowned well established Group of Companies, is seeking to recruit a Social Media Manager to join their dynamic team of professionals. Social Media Manager MT...

Accounts Executive

MT 0074/16
Our client is a major player in the local advertising and media market. They are in the process of recruiting an Accounts Executive to join their Finance Team. Accounts Executive MT 0074/16 As...

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KONNEKT was established in 2007 and has evolved into Malta’s largest and most innovative recruitment agency. It started off as a recruitment project for a large company which required the efforts of a number of skilled people. KONNEKT grew into what is it today thanks to the efforts of dedicated employees and the candidates and companies it has brought together since then.

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