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We are committed to providing comprehensive support to job seekers and strive to offer employment options across a diverse range of industries and positions. With our help, you can discover the right career fit for your skills and aspirations.

Your journey with Konnekt

1. Meet

Let's get things started with a meeting

Your application

After you apply, the shortlisting process begins from our end. We review your CV not only in relation to the vacancy you have applied for but also to see whether we have any current opportunities we can match you with. If your application is not suited for the job you applied for, we will send you feedback as to why we could not take your application forward. If it matches the criteria or we think that your background would be a good match for other roles, we will then set an initial interview. This could be held at our offices or remotely if you are not in Malta.

At our offices

We will set up an initial interview at our offices or alternatively via Skype. Whatever the reason may be, be it seeking new horizons or an improvement on your current employment status, our role is to listen and understand your needs on a personal level.

Our meeting

The purpose of this initial meeting is twofold: it gives us valuable insight into your abilities and personality whilst also allowing you the chance to present yourself. Our best tip is for you to treat this meeting as an official interview. We always encourage candidates to be honest and provide unedited responses. Committing yourself to being open and honest with us will put you in a better position for us to help you.


You will be given instant feedback on your CV and the interview at the end of your meeting with our recruitment specialist. It is important you view these comments constructively. Our job is to bring out the best of your abilities and help you excel. Our goal is for you to achieve your personal best.

During our interview, some questions might seem to be putting you on the spot. It is important that you are honest with your answers. Anything short of this limits our ability to help you.

2. Act

Following our interview, the matching starts

Building your profile

You will see us taking notes during our interview. This is to help us build a better understanding of you and highlight important details for future reference. When putting you forward for a position to our clients, we don't just send a CV. We also add details derived from our interview to further support your CV.

The matching

Your recruiter will not only start working on the position you applied for, but will also start matching you with other vacancies we would have on-going. In addition, your CV and career interests are discussed internally with colleagues who are working on vacancies which may suit your profile. We do this in order to maximise our efficiency and your return.

Confidentiality is key

We will always contact you for your consent before we forward your CV to our clients. We strongly believe that your job search is your own, and that it should be kept private. We understand the need for confidentiality and discretion to safeguard your current position and/or promotion prospects.

3. Expectations

Client interviews, feedback & the job

Job fit

Feedback on job fit from us is instant, sometimes even at interview stage. We will not set you up to fail. If we find that you are not a good match for the role you applied for, we will, instead, look into and discuss with you other roles which we think will suit your profile. We work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction, as well as that of our clients, who are very demanding and work with us to present them with the best fit for the vacancy.

The job interview

Once you have been shortlisted by us, we will highlight you with our client. What follows tends to take a little longer since applications may need to be reviewed by more than one person within the company - we ask you to be patient! If you are shortlisted by the client, an interview is set with members of the company you are applying to work with. We will give you pointers and guidelines to help prepare you for this interview. Post interview, we will keep you updated with feedback as soon as we have it, be it negative or positive.

"I ticked all the boxes, I had all the qualification & experience required and I still did not get the job."

We hear this frequently. This may very well be the case, however let us give you some perspective on the job application process.

Not making the selection is not necessarily a reflection on your abilities. Bearing in mind that we only send our clients the candidates who best fit the specific requirements set by them, it is sometimes a matter of them looking into the finer details. In the event of your application not progressing forward, we will look into other opportunities, this will not be the end of the line. In addition, you should also continue to browse our site for other potential vacancies that you feel suited for and feel free to discuss this with your contact at Konnekt. We will always give you our honest feedback on job fit.

4. Care

We are here to support you throughout the entire journey

Your move


Help us help you. The profile we have on our system is accessible by you and viewed by us. We strongly suggest you keep your Konnekt profile active and up to date. Take time building your CV, it should be concise but detailed. Keep in mind to also update other channels where you share your professional profile.


Setting tags to the preference section of your profile will enable you to regularly receive job alerts to your inbox.

Thumb up

Be proactive. Keep an eye out on our website for interesting jobs that you might not have considered but which may, however, tie in with your past experiences.

Recruiter support

We are committed to listening to you. Feel free to get in touch with your recruiter if you feel the need to discuss anything related to your job search. Do not be discouraged if you cannot reach us. We are often in and out of interviews however we are dedicated to helping you with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can speak or leave a message with any other staff member. We are here to help you as a team.

Care support

Do you feel the need to discuss a concern you may have regarding our process? Send an email to our Care Manager on We will be happy to discuss any issues you bring up. We are here to listen.

Interview Tips

The following are a few pointers to help you during your upcoming interview. Whether you are a seasoned applicant or new to job hunting, we encourage you to go through these tips to ensure that you have everything covered!

What to do before the interview

For Online Interviews

  • Always be ready a couple of minutes before the interview begins. Ensure that you have all the tools you need and check whether you have a socket nearby to plug your charger.
  • Advise your family members or roommates about the interview to ensure silence. Remove any distracting noises like TV and radio. Close windows to cut out outside noise.

For Face-to-face Interviews

  • Before attending the interview, check where the interview will be held. If possible go to the location a day before to see whether you will encounter a lot of traffic and if parking is a problem.
  • Be punctual. Employers appreciate it if you arrive at least 15 mins before a meeting, however, do not go too early!
  • For both instances, always dress appropriately for the job you applied for. Ensure you look clean and well-groomed.


  • Make sure you are familiar with the company, what they do, and what their operations are. Check whether they were in the news lately and what for (e.g. opening a new establishment/office, appointing a new director, etc.).
  • Re-read the job description and prepare a couple of questions about the organisation (e.g. What are your targets for the future? What is the structure of the organisation?) and about the role itself (e.g. Who will I report to? Is training provided? How will my performance be measured?). Asking questions will further prove your interest in the position.
  • Know who will be interviewing you and research them on LinkedIn. Knowing who will be interviewing you will help you come up with relevant questions.
  • Practice some common interview questions and answers.
  • Prepare a portfolio of examples of your work if applicable.

During the interview

  • Switch off your cell phone.
  • See the interview as an opportunity to bring out other attributes you may have, which are not apparent on your CV.
  • Be honest throughout the interview. Do not over-inflate your abilities, but be sure to highlight your achievements.
  • If asked about previous employers, be honest but never speak negatively about them.
  • Engage with your interviewer and display confidence by making eye contact.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for clarification if what is being discussed is unclear.
  • Be sure that your salary expectation bracket is in line with what you have discussed with your recruiter. Do not change it during the interview!

Best of luck!

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