Choosing a career comes naturally to some people. However, most people don’t have such a clear cut vision of where their career path will take them. So, whether you’re still a student, a fresh graduate, or just in need of a change, here are some tips to help you choose a career you love.

Get a feel for the job market

Whether you intend to work in Malta or overseas, researching the job market is an important starting point for every job seeker. This exercise will help you form realistic expectations about the types of jobs available as well as what to expect in terms of salary. An online search for jobs in Malta will lead you to numerous vacancies and job descriptions where you can find out about the jobs that match your strengths, skills and qualifications to help you on your journey to finding a career you love.

Know your strengths

Choosing a career that utilises your strengths will not only help you feel more motivated and enthusiastic, but it can also give you a real sense of fulfilment when performing your job duties. Take note of projects you’ve been a part of that have made you feel positive. What strengths and talents did you exercise throughout the project? Search for vacancies in Malta that offer the opportunity for you to use these strengths in order to increase your job satisfaction.

Nurture skills that match your strengths

When you are aware of your unique strengths, you are then in a position to nurture the skills that reinforce your strengths. This will help you improve on your natural talents and can also help you secure a job you enjoy. Interviewers will also pick up on your confidence and belief in your natural abilities and as a result may be more inclined to offer you the job of your dreams.

Get Social!

Follow the companies you would one day like to work for on LinkedIn. This will allow you to find out about job opportunities in Malta as soon as they become available. Also, get in touch with those who can assist you in your job search and match you to the right job, such as recruitment agencies, as companies frequently direct their recruitment activities through a recruitment agency. It’s also quite common for companies to recruit via referrals from their own staff, so networking with the right people at events that are relevant to the industry you would like to work in can also be a good idea.

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