Filled with enthusiasm and eager to put your skills to good use, finishing tertiary education is an exciting time. Undoubtedly, the major change is the transition from student to work life and finding graduate jobs in Malta. This all starts with finding your first full-time job. Although it can be challenging, there are several ways in which you can ease the climb up the career ladder.

The first step to finding a graduate job starts while you’re still studying. Getting involved in student organisations is a great way of gaining knowledge and developing skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication, while also showing how proactive you are. It also gives you some great networking opportunities with the right people at events, particularly as attendees could include members from business communities and prospective employers. These will ultimately put you at an advantage during shortlisting.

The study programme you enrolled in will certainly impact your job prospects, however there’s more to it than the subjects you studied. Are you reliable, hardworking and ambitious? One way of proving these traits to prospective employers is by interning. Internships are a great way of boosting your CV, showing commitment, and developing new skills and contacts. Around 80 per cent of new jobs in Malta are not advertised, and 54 per cent of job seekers rely on word of mouth when looking for a job. Therefore, building professional relationships with the right people is crucial.

Another thing that employers look for in candidates is transference of skills. Think outside the box and do not limit yourself to the jobs that directly match your area of study only. Allow yourself to apply the skills you’ve acquired across different industries and roles and during interviews, explain how these skills can be applicable to the job.

Keep in mind that the first job you choose after graduation will very likely define the rest of your career, so choose wisely. Although you may be tempted to go for the job with the fattest pay check, you should also look at the potential for career advancements. The first 10 years of your career have an exponential impact on how much you’ll earn in later life.

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This article first appeared on The Times of Malta