Landing a job isn’t always the easiest task. Every time you apply for jobs in Malta, you are competing against other job hunters who are looking to work in Malta and may be equally as qualified to do the job. Being able to sell yourself and make yourself stand out are two very important skills which are crucial to getting yourself hired. Researching the company beforehand and what to wear for your interview are two things that you should always keep in mind. However, in order to get the job you will need to demonstrate that you truly are the best person for the role.

When seeking to recruit new members to the team, employers want to know that whoever they employ will add value to their company. Candidates need to show that they have the knowledge and experience required to do so. Employers want to know that you are a tried and tested candidate.

  • Gaining work experience while studying

Gaining work experience while studying will help you stand out among your peers who may be equally as qualified as you but wouldn’t have the relevant work experience. Applying for internships or doing voluntary work at weekends or during your holidays are two great ways of earning work experience. Also, working within a student organisation while at university can be a valuable experience which employers look at positively.

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  • Write an impressive CV

Your CV is the first opportunity you get to truly stand out as a candidate. Instead of opting for the commonly used Europass CV, choose a more original CV – such as these CV templates which can demonstrate your creative skills and help you stand out among other candidates. Take time to get your CV right and proofread it before applying for any jobs. If you have your own website or any way you can demonstrate your work, go ahead and add it to your CV.

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  • Concrete examples

Although writing your relevant educational achievements and work experience in your CV and mentioning them in your interview is a must, employers want proof that you excel in what you do. Have concrete examples and statistics in mind which you can mention at your interview. Were you one of the highest achievers in your university course? Did you successfully lead a project at your previous job? Mention these!

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Whilst using these tips can help you stand out as a candidate, it is important to avoid doing anything which may cause you to stand out for the wrong reasons. Arriving late for your interview, being rude to the interviewer or other staff at the company, or dressing inappropriately are things which should be avoided at all costs. It is also important to be aware that employers may view your social media profiles, so keep these professional and be sensible with regards to what you post online.

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