Congratulations, you scored well in the interview room and landed the job you wanted! While you officially have a foot in the door, this is only the first step. Good job opportunities in Malta and around the world are not always easy to come by, so now that you’ve landed one, it is not the time to become lax in your work ethic. It’s time to impress the management team by marketing yourself as an invaluable asset to the company …but where to begin?

Best Advice for Starting a New Job

From the first day, your goal is to make a good impression while avoiding the many pitfalls many people face when starting in a new job. This quick and easy list of tips has been written after ample research with both employees and employers who have years of experience in recruitment in Malta and around the globe.

Tips for your first week at work

1. Focus on Congeniality and Confidence

According to Forbes author Laura Shin, introducing yourself to new people should become a habit in the workplace, and a comfortable gesture when networking at business or social events. Also, strive to remember people’s names. This habit exudes confidence - a valuable asset in the workplace and a quality that management is sure to appreciate.

At first, these introductions will seem awkward because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. However, as the introductions become a habit, you will discover that new names become easier to remember, and that ‘putting yourself out there’ can really pay off.

2. Model Punctuality and Persistence

It is no secret that management teams value punctuality, but why is punctuality so important, what does it communicate? Whatever your working hours are, whether they are the traditional 9am to 5pm or the more flexi type, being punctual communicates a myriad of positive messages to your employer as well as to your colleagues. Being punctual shows how professional and committed you are, it proves that you are keen about your job, and most importantly it proves that you are capable of keeping your word.

According to Dawn Dugan - the founder of Drop Science Ltd and contributing writer at - it is best to observe the work habits of colleagues during your first few weeks. Once you’ve settled into the position, you should strive to remain flexible and determined regarding your working hours.

3. Remain Attentive and Observant

In the beginning, you will learn a lot about your new company and its management staff by listening and taking notes as necessary. During this time make an effort to speak only about business subjects, as it can be very difficult to repair a first impression. This is also the time to ask questions, because during your first few weeks on a new job no question that you ask about the business will be considered too basic.

If you’ve relocated for this new job, now is also the time to ask questions about your new country. The culture around jobs in Malta for example, could be very different to those in other parts of the world, and your work colleagues can provide you with very useful tips. Soon this window of opportunity to ask any type of question passes, and you’ll be expected to know all the basic and most important facts and information. So make the best of this time-bound opening, ask all the basic questions, and hit the ground running.

Observe and learn all that you can about co-workers during the first weeks and avoid making any snap judgments about colleagues or superiors. Remain focused on your own job performance and future aspirations by striving to meet or exceed management expectations for your position.

Future Goals and Your New Job

It probably won’t take long for you to become settled in your new position and forge some hopes for advancement within the company. These goals and aspirations are sure to enhance your job performance and help you get noticed early on. Don’t be afraid to ‘think big’ when deciding your advancement goals, but make sure that you are willing to put forth the required amount of effort required for the position you’re eyeing.

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