If you’ve come this far in your job hunt, you know that the stellar CV that you’ve created has made an impact on your interviewer. You’ve passed the first test and put your foot in the door. Your job now is to ace that job interview. Although an interview is generally face-to-face, especially in an island as small as Malta, there are also instances where telephone interviews or Skype interviews are scheduled.

Here are some interview tips that will get you through your first meeting and help you get your dream job in Malta.


  • This step is the key to your success. You should always prepare for your interviews by:
  • Researching the company, its structure and any newsworthy information you can find
  • Researching the job role and responsibilities
  • Identify your key skills and strengths which are related to the job role
  • Becoming familiar with your interviewer by looking them up
  • Identify your unique selling points - what you’d like your interviewers to remember you by
  • Prepare your answer to some interview questions you may be asked. Here are some common interview questions asked.
  • Prepare some questions you would like to ask the interviewer
  • Find the address
  • Getting your interview attire ready. Dress appropriately and according to what the job role entails


  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Greet the receptionist politely
  • Don’t doodle and fidget in the waiting room
  • Relax and think positively. Read more about shaking off job interview nerves.
  • Reach out for a firm handshake as soon as you walk into the room

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