When a company has a structure that allows for employees to move internally both horizontally across departments or vertically in terms of promotions and career development, is definitely an attractive feature for employees within the company or candidates considering joining the organization.

An employee who is adaptable and has skills which can be fine-tuned to fit into other departments is a valuable asset. Certain job roles are readily adaptable to employees with the same or very similar skill set. This means more fluidity in the way the teams are managed dependent on projects and other business needs.

When faced with a request or a job application from an internal member to a different team it is important to consider a number of factors.

The employee who is asking for an internal transfer, has probably evaluated other departments in terms of management, level of productivity and quality of work before approaching the HR department. When internal requests for transfers occur, the HR Department as well as the Management team, must assess carefully why this request is raised. Is the person looking to develop and further his career? Or is this person trying to move away from something which s/he is not happy with in his current role? In both scenarios employee and HR or Management team, need to be honest and open to communication and feedback received.

In the latter scenario, the employee supported by management may be required to work towards improving his current situation rather than being transferred, or management may be tasked with taking serious operational decisions.

Employers who allow for these opportunities are operating mindfully and show awareness as to how to retain and develop the best talent. Commitment from the employee in terms of the internal opportunities is easily identified by the way the application is presented and the way the employee presents him/herself, in both the thoroughness of the proposal or job application and their performance during the interview as well as their behaviour with other team members in the department. These factors show that the applicant is looking at this opportunity as they would if applying for a post with a different company, and will approach the role with new energy and enthused to succeed.

Are you ready for such a career move? Are you in a place where the learning curve has slowed down and the work is not challenging you? Are you channeling your energies into the job as completely as it deserves? Has your productivity lessened due to the repetition in your work tasks? Maybe a new unit or department has been set up and you could transfer your skills and learn some new ones? Can you mobilize yourself easily if the opportunities you seek are in a different town or part of the world? Do you think you can work well with another team and a new manager or director?

Through all the considerations, it is always worth the effort to explore what else your company can offer. Especially if you are a motivated and productive employee with irking feelings that you have outgrown your present role. Speak to your HR team or Line Manager first, and create opportunities for yourself.

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