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Working in the recruitment industry has the potential to offer the right person an exciting and vibrant career path with plenty of challenges and learning opportunities along the way. This makes recruitment a popular career choice for both graduates and seasoned professionals. Below are 10 reasons why working in recruitment in Malta is great:

You get to change people’s lives

A career change can really impact someone’s quality of life. Recruiters play a central role in this process by matching candidates to the right company, and can thereby completely transform someone’s life. Even when a match isn’t successful, recruiters are still in a position to offer informal coaching to job candidates as they progress in their work, and provide advice to clients regarding the recruitment process.

You get to work independently and in a team

Very often, recruiters are given the opportunity to work autonomously and make the decisions concerned in order to reach their targets. This is a great opportunity for you to develop your own magic formula in order to match the right job seekers to the right organisation. However, as a recruiter at Konnekt you also need to work in a team, sharing information and tips that work with the rest of the team, keeping in mind that the benefit of the team comes first, before the benefit of the individual.

Recruitment tools are continually evolving

Recruitment technology is constantly being improved and as a result continuous professional development is part and parcel of any recruiter’s life. As a recruiter, you will get to learn how to use some of the latest technology to scout the market for the right candidates.

No two days are the same

This couldn’t be closer to the truth. Job descriptions need to be written and shared across various media, applicants need to be short listed, interviews need to be scheduled, candidates need to be met, clients need to be informed of any updates on their positions, and successful candidates need to be told the good news. This means that everyday brings new challenges, tasks and learning opportunities.

You meet people from all walks of life

Working in recruitment means you come into contact with all sorts of people on a daily basis. Recruiters need to be professional and courteous to everyone they come in contact with, both at work and at networking events. Meeting people from all walks of life helps you to develop the skills needed to be able to foster relationships with different persons as well as deal with characters who may come across as initially more challenging than others. This skill is certainly one that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

You make a big impact in companies

Employee turnover is expensive and can cost companies a considerably large sum of money every year. When recruiters hire the right people from the get go, they have a seriously positive effect on a company’s financial performance. Recruiting top talent means that your company or client has the right people in place to make it as successful and innovative as possible. Additionally, once you start to gain your clients’ trust, you can start to consult companies and act as a true partner.

Recruitment is linked to high job satisfaction

Several research indicates that Recruitment Specialists are satisfied with their job in terms of work-life balance, salary and other benefits. Apart from this, finding the right job for the right candidate has a big impact on one’s own job satisfaction.

The competition is thrilling

In today’s corporate world, it’s a constant race to attract and retain the best talent in your company. In order to attract the best talent out there and represent the most outstanding firms, it is imperative to not make people settle for anything. Due to today’s technology, recruiters can also look beyond their shores in order to source talent, adding another layer of complexity to the process.

No specific formal entry requirements

Recruiters usually come from a variety of backgrounds enabling the team to be enriched with different knowledge and tailoring service to clients and candidates alike. At Konnekt we look for talented individuals who have a minimum of a Diploma level of education, and/or a minimum of 1 year experience in recruiting. However, a person’s success in recruitment also depends on one’s soft skills, personality and intuition, rather than specific knowledge obtained from formal course or degree.

We specialize in what we do

Since we work with multiple companies hailing from a variety of different industries, at Konnekt we constantly push ourselves to be up to speed with these ever evolving industries and their specific role requirements. We take time to train our teams by attending courses - while still working hands on in the job - to help us to continue improving our skills and increase our knowledge of specific industries. As recruiters, not only do we work for our candidates to get the best job opportunity for them to grow in, but we also work to provide our team members with the opportunity to become expert recruiters within the given industry.

There are many reasons why recruitment is a sought-after career, and one that can lead to years of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Want to join the KONNEKT team? Fill in the form below or apply directly here.