The term Human Resources in itself defines the people who make up the workforce within an organization, the human capital. The Human Resource Department as a result, is responsible for the management and organization of this workforce.

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The HR function has changed considerably throughout the years, in order to keep abreast of changes in workforce trends. HR was predominantly a service department, handling employee relations, health and safety requirements as well as making sure that companies were compliant with ever developing laws.. The most significant changes in HR started to happen in the 70s with the onset of globalization and technology taking the world by storm.

30 years later we are presented with a Human Resource Department that is shifting from the purely administrative side of HR and moving towards strongly contributing to the company’s overall strategy and vision. Most HR managers today are heavily involved in company’s branding, profitability and people development. Research indicates that the need for the shift in how we view HR in our organizations stems from the competitive pressures experienced in a fast-changing business world.

HR Managers together with Marketing and PR Professionals have become gatekeepers for the successful attraction, recruitment and retention of top talent. These two departments are best suited to identify the core competencies potential employees require to integrate and succeed within the organization how to communicate to candidates to ensure that top talent is intrigued and eager to join their operations.

These two departments are best suited to identify core competencies which are a prerequisite for success within the organisation and to subsequently communicate with potential candidates who fit the bill, ensuring that top talent is intrigued and eager to join their organisation.

Following this onboarding process the HR Manager has become a key stakeholder in developing a system for performance development and career succession planning. We have seen an increase in the involvement of the HR Manager for on the job training and coaching and in ensuring employees have the right and required tools to perform their job optimally. This is allowing organizations to develop their talent within and reduce employee turnover which as a result reduces costs. Consequently this is resulting in a motivated, happy, engaged and committed work force contributing to the company’s long term objectives.

HR Managers are supporting organizations in setting the right goals and objective for their teams, ensuring they are aligned with the vision of the organization and thus supporting overall growth and stability for the organization.

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