St Margaret College, a secondary school for boys in Cospicua, has once again collaborated with KONNEKT in preparation for its annual Job Shadowing Week. For the second year running, KONNEKT organised a Careers Guidance Workshop at the school, where some of our Recruitment Specialists visited the school and spoke to students aged between 14 and 16, about different career opportunities and jobs in Malta, ways to present a CV and how to properly prepare for a job interview.

Following this, KONNEKT collaborated with the school to organise mock interviews with over 100 students. The mock interviews provided students with the opportunity to experience what a job interview is like and to give the students tips on how to improve their performance at a job interview.

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St Margaret College organises a Job Shadowing Week every year, and has done so since 2008. During this week, the school teams up with around 60 employers who each take on a number of students for a week and allow them to experience a typical day at work through shadowing a number of employees. The job placements are chosen according to the students’ career aspirations and include organisations in various industries, both in the private and public sectors. This gives students the opportunity to experience the workplace environment and gain a taste of what it is like to work in the industries that they are interested in pursuing a career in.

This initiative is supported by the Student Services Department which forms part of the Ministry of Education and is also carried out in other public schools around Malta and Gozo.

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