On average, jobseekers look for jobs in Malta every 29 months. Throughout 2015, there were approximately 90,000 job changes in Malta. Did you know that more than 80% of these job opportunities in Malta are not advertised? The good news is that there are a number of unconventional ways of finding a job.

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Let people know

Tell everyone that you're looking for a job. Send job blasts out on your social media platforms or just mull about prospects with friends and acquaintances. Sooner or later you'll hear something like, "Hey, I think I might know someone who you can talk to." But remember, don't be pushy. There’s a fine line between being aggressive and proactively pursuing a job.

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Help them find you

Build your profile to stand out! Jazz up your LinkedIn profile and consider upgrading to the premium version, which will widen your network. You can also set up a personal website to display your portfolio and CV, maybe add a personal blog to put a voice behind your CV. Keep in mind that what you publish will be on the WWW, so make sure content is appropriate, accurate and professional.

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Track the Industry

Stay on the ball with what's happening in your industry. Be aware of what structural changes are happening within the companies you're eyeing so you'll be one of the first people to find out about job openings. Follow news, online blogs and social media updates from key people.

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Go for coffee

52% of jobseekers still use word of mouth to find jobs. Find contacts in the market who can provide you with market information. Visit them, talk to them, and get yourself seen. Ask their advice on how to present yourself. Find a mentor who can encourage, guide and motivate you. Build rapport by getting personally in touch. Cold calling or cold emailing them doesn't work as well, unless you already have a good relationship with them. Even if they can't get you an interview with their company, getting advice from someone in the industry is always valuable.

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Get out there

Use your networking skills. Go out to events, talks or any activity related to the industry you want to get into. Volunteering for some of these events is a great way to network too. If you want to spend some time helping out at an event, make sure to get a position you know will give you a lot of face time with companies. Internships, paid and unpaid, at your desired future employer are also a sure-fire way of making impact.

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The right people

Contacts are the right people, at the right level, in the right jobs, in the right organisations, in your targeted areas. They are senior to you, perhaps future hiring managers at companies you would like to work for. Keep in contact with them. They may not have a job right now, but they may have in the future. You want the right people to know you and remember you. If these people are saying, “I wish I had an opening right now. I’d love to have someone like you on board,” then your search is working. If they are not saying that, then either your target is wrong, or your target is correct and you are positioning yourself incorrectly. Fix whatever is wrong and keep on going. Every job hunter should focus most of his or her energies on this stage.

Recruitment agencies such as KONNEKT, not only match candidates to existing vacancies, but they will also highlight start candidate profiles to their clients, who might create the role for them.

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