Our career is an extension of our own personality. We are responsible for taking care of our physical and mental health if we are to keep succeeding. In this equation, we need to effectively manage stress, lead a healthy lifestyle and proactively boost resilience that will help us manage career and life challenges. The realisation of one’s potential is important and career satisfaction transcends to overall life gratification.

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Career counselling is a service where individuals receive career support whenever they are at a turning point in their career and are seeking assistance in clarifying their thoughts to crystallise and implement changes through their own strength. Career counselling creates a space where individuals of any age, can openly discuss issues such as career crisis or indecisiveness, difficulty in taking certain decisions, managing stress and pressure, coping with disappointments, enhancing self-esteem and other life areas, as well as managing change.

The essential element of counselling is that individuals are provided with a holding environment where the counsellor assists clients in a non-judgmental and empathetic way. As opposed to career guidance, which is a more directive form of support, through counselling, clients achieve objectives through their own resources and personal strength and not through advice giving. The strength of this personal journey is effective when clients truly desire change and they embrace the responsibility of achieving their desired goals.

Designed with the aim of providing a holistic service to job seekers, KONNEKT Search & Selection will be launching this service, which is free of charge for all candidates, in January 2016. This service takes the shape of one-to-one career counselling and coaching sessions and follows KONNEKT’s ethical and confidential best practice. Starting off with an initial session aimed at understanding desired objectives, these sessions will be tailor made according to individual needs and requirements.

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