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From recruitment campaign advertising and psychometric assessments, to recruitment training and salary benchmarking, we offer a 360° service to connect you to the best talent.

KONNEKT is entrusted with running the entire payroll function for a number of organisations in various sectors. Apart from relieving you of the cumbersome task of processing monthly payroll, this service also provides a discreet method for handling the sensitivity of a company payroll.

We do everything from helping employees open bank accounts through to collection of all documentation, and the processing of it, to enable the seamless payment of employees’ salaries at the end of the month.

The service extends to being your employees’ point of contact on queries related to wages, taxes, leave and benefits. We deal with the relevant Government entities and take care of all form submissions as necessary. We guarantee that all local taxes and payments due will be properly calculated, filed and paid in a timely manner. It is our duty to keep up with the latest employment law and regulations, update you with new amendments that affect employees’ salaries and implement changes in salary calculations as necessary.

Charges for this service consist of a one time setup fee together with a monthly fee for each employee listed in the system.

A single integrated source for all employees, their salaries, and related information
Calculation of salaries and benefits due, online leave and sick leave management, as well as tax and social security entitlements.
Electronic payslips issued and direct payment sent to employees according to company practice
Dedicated team which offers advice and helps employees on queries relating to salaries
Totally secure. Data is stored locally behind a CISCO firewall and an encrypted database.


We collect information about your employees’ salary, leave and sick leave balances, and any benefits, additional remuneration or special work conditions applicable to specific employees.


We calculate taxes, deduct leave and add benefits. Electronic payslips are generated and sent to your employees.


A dedicated team offers advice and helps employees in the opening of bank accounts and dealing with tax authorities.


We transfer the due amount to your employees’ bank account at the end of the month. No strings attached.

We can help you come up with an exciting way to attract potential candidates by creatively designing and script-writing your job vacancy adverts, targeting the right audience. We cater for both online and offline campaign advert designs. An administrative fee will be charged for each advert designed, together with a fee of €30 + VAT for a simple template design or €150 + VAT for custom artwork.

KONNEKT can take it a step further.

We can manage the entire recruitment process for you, from advert design to placement, through our Talent Search & Selection service.

Creative design incorporating your company’s branding and specific message
Optional extension of service with our Talent Search & Selection service
You can use your own brand to advertise your own vacancy via your own channels.


An initial meeting is held to gather background knowledge on the company together with the job vacancy. Advert design can be in the form of a simple template or more elaborate, custom-made artwork.


Artwork is prepared by us and signed off by you. We make sure that the images and content used is targeting the right audience and is fit for the channel it’s intended for.


We manage the whole process from design up to publishing of the advert. You may choose to manage the recruitment process yourself, or we can do it for you through our Talent Search & Selection service.

At KONNEKT we focus on all aspects of recruitment. We organise in-house recruitment training sessions aimed at Human Resources professionals who would like to pick up tips on how to recruit their own employees. To maximise learning and applicability, the training sessions are highly interactive and include:

- Reviewing case studies

- Carrying out role plays to help analyze various situations from different angles

- Touching upon psychological research and social psychology

- Examining extensive questioning techniques

- Analysing facial expressions and facial management

Develop the skills to recruit employees using in-house resources
Highly practical and interactive training sessions


A meeting is set up with the team who are responsible for recruitment and training in your organisation. An in-depth analysis of the company culture and structure is carried out in order to set the stage for training.


Training sessions are customised according to your company’s specific needs and requests, in addition to recruitment procedures, profile identification, shortlisting process, interviewing and reference checks.


You can start putting your training into practice. KONNEKT’s recruitment training sessions will provide you with the tools you need to find the right employees for your company.

A decade ago companies which could afford it had teams of compensation analysts whose sole job was to look at salary data and employee demographics. During the last financial crisis, analysts found themselves out of the organization as companies realized it was a "nice thing to have" vs the cost of maintaining it. Often because the data from a relatively small sample (i.e. from the organization itself or from interviews held by its recruiters) came back months later and required lots of adjustments; a company ended up overpaying some employees and underpaying others. Markets are dynamic and salaries are too, and this aged and adjusted data wasn't keeping up with the demands of constant change and volatility in the job markets.

salariesinmalta.com is addressing this dynamic and is able to provide affordable compensation data to companies, which is constantly being updated. New real-time and market-enabled compensation models are providing better intelligence for both companies and employees, transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.

24/7 online access to constantly updated, real-time data
An extensive database giving employers the tools to address salary gaps and remain competitive in the market
Free access to employers in return for their salary data and free reports for individuals in return for their payslip


Salary data is generated from a wide array of industries. Companies participate in a remuneration survey by submitting their employees’ salary information.


This tool categorizes salary information according to gross salary amount and any other benefits received by the employee, such as car and mobile allowance, performance bonus, health insurance, and any other entitlements.


Compare salaries to market trends. Find out what the average salary for a specific profession is. Go for the right remuneration packages to attract the best talent.

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