KONNEKT search & selection is excited to announce that it is successfully collaborating with a number of leading student organisations at the University of Malta. These include UESA, S-cubed, SACES, Insite, GhSL and ELSA, which collectively interface with students in the engineering, sciences, architecture, media & communications and law faculties. KONNEKT has also teamed up with KSU, which represents all students attending the University, and AIESEC Malta, the aim of which is to develop leadership potential in youth through internships and experiential learning.

Through these collaborations KONNEKT hopes to facilitate the job searching process by exposing students to relevant graduate jobs in Malta and internships, as well as being the source for employment-related information.

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At KONNEKT, we strongly believe that in order to be successful in their next step following graduation - that is, looking for and finding employment - students need better preparation. We are here to help bridge the gap between education and employment. Through a number of Careers Workshops planned for 2016, KONNEKT aims to pass on knowledge, not only in terms of where to search for jobs, how to create a solid CV and prepare for interviews, but also to shed light on employment trends and market demands in various industries. This information is vital for shaping students’ career prospects, which might seem very restricted at the onset, especially for individuals falling under particular faculties.

Over the past months, KONNEKT recruitment specialists have participated in a number of events organised by student organisations, in order to share their experience and expertise in various industries. These included the Scubed CV Building Workshop, Insite Allegro Weekend, AIESEC Next Step for Graduates, ICTSA Industry Expo, AIESEC Microsoft YouthSpark.

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Because we believe in this relaying of knowledge so much, KONNEKT has also started tapping into secondary schools to give information which will eventually help students when they come to choose the subject they would like to specialise in, at post-secondary or tertiary level.

Interested in setting up a careers workshop or collaborating with KONNEKT? Contact us on careers@konnekt.com.

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