Similar to Darwin’s Theory on the evolution of man, Alan Townstead; in charge of business operations at Monster Europe has observed an evolution of jobs. He contends that due to technological, economic and social changes certain jobs are dying while others are thriving.

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Postal service workers and data entry clerks are amongst the jobs that have been in decline for a number of years, mainly due to technological advancements. Telemarketing and door to door sales jobs have been side stepped due to the internet and social media.

The latter has in turn seen a rise to social media marketing roles, both junior and management. Amongst other thriving careers one finds data and information management which include research and design managers, particularly in the engineering sector. Technological jobs are changing the nature of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to job seekers.

Being part of the HR industry, one is witness to these changes that are taking over the job world. It is natural that career paths align with the changing environment, and we must learn to be versatile and adaptable. One should thus monitor and understand the key trends that are influencing the global economy, our business and our day to day lives.

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