Innovation and trend-spotting is at the centre of most successful companies. 'Wave-branding' company Sparks & Honey has a board set up where its employees write up jobs which they believe will come to exist in the near or distant future. Here is a list of the jobs that we found to be the most interesting out of the lot.

Disappointingly enough it does not make mention of a Space Cowboy.

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Printing Handyman A neighbourhoods material and 3D printing specialist, akin to the “do it all” local repair man of the past who comes to you to fulfil your micro-manufacturing needs.

Crowdfunding specialist Skilled on workings of websites such as kickstarter and who knows how promote ideas to attain maximum funding.

Corporate Disorganiser An expert at shuffling company hierarchies to create a start-up culture of organised chaos.

Personal Digital Curator A person that recommends and maintains your unique suite of applications, software, hardware and personal information sources for your evolving personality and career.

Drone Driver Expanding use of unmanned aircraft outside the military means these remote pilots will be in heavy demand.

Curiosity Tutor A personal advisor in flaneuring; an advisor that not only provides inspiration and content to spark curiosity, but one that teaches the discovery of art.

Skype Stager These hired career advisers prepare an individual for increasingly common video interviews or teleconferences and offer tips on etiquette and appearance.

Digital Detox Therapist A counsellor specialising in weaning technology-stressed individuals off their devices by creating analog-only zones.

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