The Malta Chamber of Commerce has recently released a report with findings uncovering patterns and trends related to employee sick leave. The report focuses on absenteeism due to injury, vacation and special leave, and its implication on local businesses.

The main points that emerged from study are summarised hereunder:

  • Monday is the most common day for sick leave.
  • Friday is the least common day for sick leave.
  • Staff in junior roles take more sick leave than staff in senior and management positions.
  • Younger staff take more sick leave than older generations.
  • January and February records the highest rate of 'lost time' at work.
  • June and December records the lowest rate of 'lost time' at work.
  • 'Overtiredness' is the major reason for sick leave.
  • For employees working in shifts, the Friday evening shift is the one most commonly taken off for sick leave.

For further information on why these patterns seem to trend in the local scene, as well as actions that should be taken to counteract them - download the full article by clicking here.

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