KONNEKT, the independent, private recruitment consultancy firm, have just launched their third-generation website with a clear brief to improve on their highly successful site and give visitors a further enhanced user experience.

Apart from getting a fresh, new look, with crisp graphics and large, the focus is primarily on providing all the facilities candidates would require to identify the next career opportunity.

To take advantage of the better functionality and ease of navigation, visitors are encouraged to create their profile on www.konnekt.com, which can be customised depending on the sort of employment opportunity job seekers are looking for.

Once a profile has been created, visitors can apply for jobs in two clicks; access the updated application status for the particular career opportunity; view their application history; and set their preference to be alerted to career opportunities that interest them.

Visitors’ profiles will be accessible only to KONNEKT and candidates will always receive feedback on their application status, whether face to face, via telephone, e-mail or the Company’s website, which gives real time information on their application status.

The careers section retains a number of important characteristics. All employment opportunities are backed by real clients who are actively seeking to recruit and all have a closing date. Meanwhile, significant improvements have been made to the back end of the website, improving enhanced searching and matching capabilities as well as contact with candidates. Alison Grech, Operations Manager of KONNEKT commented that “this is not just a new website but a significant upgrade of business process that will result in increased effectiveness for both candidates and clients”.

According to Josef Said, Operations Director of Konnekt: “All this dynamic change has been brought about by our belief in constant improvement and to retain our position of leadership in the market. All this has been possible by a motivated and focused team that since inception has delivered great results.”

KONNEKT do not intend to stop here, Mr Said continued. A number of innovative projects related to the site are in the pipeline and will be launched on a regular basis in the coming weeks. These will give the site even better functionality and increased accessibility.

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