We are witnessing unprecedented times that undoubtedly affect our ordinary working and personal environments. Although these challenges impact us personally, businesses also need to shoulder day-to-day operational difficulties as they implement remote working measures to safeguard the health of employees and clients.

We have compiled a list of articles to help you keep abreast of how companies can ensure that they see no operational setback in these tough times.

1. Testing the benefits of remote working
Chinese travel agent Ctrip ran a work from home (WFH) experiment in a bid to reduce office costs and high staff turnover rates. What they found is that remote workers’ performance increased dramatically, a Harvard Business Review article reveals.

2. Two best practices for data security challenges
Working from home comes with data security hurdles. Inc. brings expert advice to the table on ways of protecting sensitive information in a quickly changing digital environment.

3. Three tips for staying focused when working from home (WFH)
Although remote working may sound enticing, personal obligations are less likely to distract us in the office than at home. This Harvard Business Review’s article offers three hints on how to draw a solid line between personal and professional time when working from home.

4. Four examples of working from home - the right way!
As companies are rolling out mandatory remote work, BBC’s Worklife column has collected four WFH ways to help employees stay productive.

5. Five ideas for staying productive and preserving mental health while working remotely
WFH veterans say that the most challenging aspects of remote working are staying productive and keeping mentally fit. Time has collated five points for tackling these two crucial aspects to help WFH newbies.

6. How to use video chats and build culture remotely
Organising meetings that engage all attendants are hard in person, not to mention video conferencing when team members are working from home. Business Insider has spoken to WFH professionals to learn how they manage their remote working setups for making the most out of teamwork.

7. Eleven tips for staying happy when working remotely
While remote work has its benefits, working in isolation has its drawbacks relating to both productivity (professional life) and happiness (personal life). The Business Insider offers eleven suggestions for people to stay at the top of their game on these fronts.

We are experiencing a ‘new’ version of normal, which will remain the status quo for the foreseeable future. However, as humans, we are capable of adapting to change, we can do remarkable things if we remain focused on what needs to be done. The remote working, productivity and wellbeing guidance listed above will help you stay on track during these trying times.