After months of working on this secret project, we can finally announce the launch of our first video of our video series Reasons To Join Our Team!

In this video, meet Recruitment Specialists Adriana and Edel from the Generalist team, who along with the rest of their team members, manage projects within the industries of engineering, marketing, administration, sales, manufacturing and many more. The Konnekt team of recruitment specialists, work tirelessly with clients and candidates alike to assist them in the best way possible, to meet their organisation’s needs while finding the ideal opportunity for candidates on the look-out for a career move.

This video series was created because we wanted you to meet us. Konnekt is not the typical sales oriented recruitment agency. As Managing Director Josef Said explained, “We are truly focused on, and loyal to, both the company seeking to fill a position and the candidate who is searching for a new opportunity. This approach has enabled us to develop close, long-term relationships and in turn, become Malta’s largest firm.”

You can view our first video here. If you are interested in joining our team, we invite you to send us an email with your CV on - we would love to hear from you.