Every year the Konnekt team chooses a specific cause to support and throughout the year, we dedicate time to learn about and identify ways in which we can contribute, both at an individual level and as a team in our workplace.

2017 was a year dedicated to environmental awareness. Throughout the year we improved our knowledge on the environment and what we, as a company, can do to minimize our waste. We visited NGOs who graciously taught us more about the Maltese environmental heritage. We also worked together to collect funds and this month we had the pleasure of inviting the Biological Conservation Research Foundation founder to meet the Konnekt family, and personally give her our donation. This donation is going directly to help continue funding the BICREF Cetacean Project.

This project focuses on dolphins and whales, as well as other marine species that may be observed during local scientific research surveys held out at sea. These include turtles and giant devil rays among others. All these species are vulnerable, elusive and difficult to study due to the large areas they inhabit. For this reason, the conservation researcher Adriana Vella, PhD (Cambridge) founded the NGO BICREF allowing dedicated volunteers to assist in various ways in local conservation projects.

The BICREF NGO receives volunteer assistance from different countries world-wide. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with BICREF you are invited to send an email to bicref@gmail.com and find out how you can help in vital biodiversity conservation research and awareness.