A current key player in the Maltese economy, the IT & iGaming industry, has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. It is represented by over 300 companies which have set up operation in Malta, employing over 8,000 people and it has a net contribution to our local GDP of around 12%, the second largest in Malta.

Located in the center of the Mediterranean and forming part of the EU, the charming qualities of our little island, coupled with an advantageous tax regime are amongst the principal motivators for the high expat presence in Malta.The Maltese workforce is renowned for its multilingual capacity, with English language being an official language. This is further amplified by the warm climate Malta enjoyed throughout most of the year. Together with a pro-business approach the island embraces, the high quality and motivated workforce share a strong share of this success. Altogether, these attributes make Malta an ideal destination for foreign talent wishing to build a career characterised by an optimal work-life balance.

Malta’s gaming jurisdiction and technical infrastructure have attracted an array of opportunities in the IT & iGaming sector, opening career prospects for international and local job seekers. Skills obtained by Designers, Developers, Network and Systems Engineers, Data Engineers and Quality Assurance professionals, are highly sought after in the IT and iGaming industry.. The market is attracting skilled individuals holding different character traits who are willing to work in young, dynamic environments. However, even having the right blend of technical resources, there is still a strong appetite for job seekers who bring the right soft skills within the workplace, such as personal flexibility, versatility, interpersonal negotiation skills, and self-awareness.

It is the significant career opportunities with some of the most renowned international brands and attractive packages, together with the opportunity to work on some of the latest industry technologies, that make this industry appeal to both the well-experienced individuals as well as the recent graduates. Employers nowadays offer more than just a job; they ensure that employee development plans are clearly delineated, especially by investing in ongoing, on-the-job training. Organisational structures follow suit in a bid to ensure that bureaucracies are eliminated and employees feel part of working environment, that puts them at the centre of an important project. It is no secret that IT and iGaming companies pioneer modern work practices and environments.

The success that Malta has built is attracting a number of foreign nationals who are embracing our little island as their next career destination. IT and iGaming companies have recognised this and have put up a number of incentives with the aim of providing assistance when relocation is in place. These normally constitute in covering part or full relocation expenses and insurance coverage which will not make or break their decision but will most certainly influence it. This foreign talent is bridging the skills gap creating a more diversified and multi-cultural workforce in Malta, making it less vulnerable to industry-specific shocks and increasing Malta’s competitiveness.

With further plans for growth, the IT & iGaming industry will ensure Malta remains the centre of excellence. Both in terms of the gaming jurisdiction, as well as remaining an opportunity hub for IT professionals to expand their knowledge and skills in Malta.

Nicola Pace

IT & iGaming Recruitment Specialist

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