Why choose IT and software development?

Technology is constantly being developed and companies are using technology with greater intensity to automate processes and increase their profitability. Therefore, the IT sector is a rapidly growing one with a multitude of jobs and career options available for graduates and more senior level employees alike. Additionally, the growing number of IT and iGaming companies setting up in Malta makes a career in IT an attractive option on our islands.

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Skills Needed

Generally, those working in IT must:

  • Have a great attention to detail
  • Demonstrate a logical approach to problem solving
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage complex tasks
  • Be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Be comfortable with abstract concepts
  • Hold vision
  • Have great communication skills and be able to adapt communication style according to the target audience

Software Developer Job Opportunities in Malta

Those interested in software development can find roles in various industries including gaming, financial services, software houses, manufacturing, branding agencies and more.

Those interested in this field of work generally start off as Junior Developers with salaries starting at around €19,000, before being given more responsibility and becoming the technical point of reference as a Senior Developer, where salaries can go up to around €40,000 after 4-5 years of experience. There is also the opportunity to move into Project Management roles, which includes having more commercial responsibility and overseeing the work of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Another alternative progression route would be that of Technical Architect where the latter would be responsible for solution design and architecture planning.

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