On Saturday 17th June, Konnekt Search & Selection attended the 3rd edition of the annual Get Noticed conference in Poland, organised by Polish blogger Maciej Aniserowicz, which targets software developers based in Poland.

The team delivered a presentation discussing relocating and working in Malta within the IT & iGaming industry. The content covered the Maltese climate, economy, standard of living, and companies that are currently operating in Malta, to provide an overview of what island life has to offer.

During the conference winners from the Get Noticed competition were selected. This competition tested the participants’ programming skills. A total of seven projects were selected as winners of the event, while a total of six projects were selected to win prizes on behalf of the event sponsors. Kamil Hadas was chosen by Konnekt to win voucher ticket to Malta, giving him the opportunity to explore our sunny island.

Attending the conference at Microsoft was a great experience to establish new relationships with developers, they were friendly, welcoming and outgoing, and we really enjoyed spending the day with passionate coders. The audience was thoroughly engaged and showed genuine interest in recruitment in Malta. The after-party was also an enjoyable experience where we got insight as to how startups are initiated and their daily struggles. The overall experience brought us in touch with the international talent pool, keeping us up to date on best practices in the IT and iGaming industries.

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