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For some, a recruitment agency is their first port of call when embarking on a job hunt whilst others prefer to discover job opportunities in their own way. After all, different approaches work for different people. However, getting a helping hand from a recruiter, especially from a recruiter who is looking out for you, could translate into a number of value-adds that enrich your job search. Without a seasoned recruiter’s expertise, you could miss out on crucial insights, which result in a successful and effective job hunt.

Here are four signs indicating that your recruiter is genuinely interested in bettering your career search and looking out for you, every step of the way.

They give you guidance

The main objective of a recruiter’s role is to help you find the right job in the shortest time possible. Recruiters do this by learning as much as they can about you from your CV and through interviews. They want to hear all about your past experiences and your expectations from potential employers.

At this initial stage, a recruiter may offer suggestions on how to enhance your interview skills and CV, making you stand out from the sea of applications that employers receive on a daily basis! Additionally, their intimate knowledge of the job market may also inform your job expectations and ultimately, your decisions, when considering a job offer. Therefore it is important to be entirely candid with recruiters.

They do their best

After learning all they can about your skills, experience and career aspirations, a good recruiter will work hard on your behalf to match your profile with job vacancies on their database. This is why recruiters need you to be completely honest, as this is the only way they can accurately fulfill your needs and meet the demands of prospective employers.

Job descriptions will be provided to you in full before your application is submitted and a general employer overview should be sent to you as well. Having the full picture empowers you to take wiser decisions and an experienced recruiter knows that this is central to a successful job search.

They’ll be honest with you in return

Recruitment is a big business and serious recruiters have no intention of wasting your time or their own with games or dishonesty. Heed their advice, listen to their feedback and treat them as experts in their field. If you are told you are overqualified for a position, don’t get frustrated! Understand that the recruiter believes that you may feel unchallenged by the role after a short while, making it a disadvantageous move for all involved.

They’re well prepared

Have additional questions about the job or the employer? A recruiter worth their salt will know the answers right away. Still need additional information? Your recruiter knows how to get you that info in the shortest time possible.

Over time, talented recruiters forge strong ties with organisations who use their services and this is why they’re a strong link and a source of invaluable information between you and a prospective employer. This can make all the difference in how you move from the initial stages of a job search to finalising the terms and conditions of a contract of employment.

More than 80% of jobs in Malta are not advertised. Due to our well established relationships with various companies, being in contact with a recruitment agency such as Konnekt means that you might be approached for a role that has not been made public yet, giving you an edge over others in the market.

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