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Future-Proof Your Career

Back in 2013, Konnekt’s blog featured an article that discussed jobs of the future. Fast-forward four years and it’s clear that not all the jobs in the list have materialised into popular job opportunities just yet. Whether you’re starting your search for jobs in Malta now or in a few years’ time, it’s crucial to understand that technology’s unwavering evolution impacts both today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. It’s predicted that the healthcare and technology industries, amongst others, will experience a boom in the coming years and this will directly impact the types of jobs that will need to be filled.

This list incorporates jobs that are growing in popularity right now and others that are forecast to be in-demand in the coming 5 to 10 years.

Social Media Specialist

There’s no denying the massive effect that social media has on brand awareness and exposure. That’s why so many of today’s companies look to recruit an in-house social media specialist or outsource the skill. Social media roles have really skyrocketed over the past five years, and no marketing team is complete without a well-versed social media guru on board.

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Employer Branding Manager

Attracting and retaining top talent is big business for today’s leading companies and this is the primary duty of those working in Employer Branding. These talented marketers position their company as an employer of choice by using social media, online recruitment platforms, referral schemes and print media. The aim of this is to retain employees and attract talent in today’s highly competitive job market.

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CRM Manager

The world of e-commerce has removed face to face interaction and has drastically changed the way companies deal with and nurture customer relationships. CRM Managers are intent on understanding the buying patterns and habits of online customers. These discoveries inform decisions taken by related departments in order to increase profitability and customer retention whilst identifying areas of untapped business potential.

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Specialised Aestheticians

The beauty industry is thriving more than ever before thanks to developments in health science and the extreme pressure that the general public is under to maintain certain beauty standards. There has been a huge rise in people turning to Botox and fillers, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and semi-permanent make-up. Becoming specialised in one of these areas is a good way to future proof your career especially if you work in the health, beauty or medical fields.


Studies show that the need for nurses is set to increase by 16% by 2024. Key specialties include intensive care, midwifery and operating and emergency room nursing. A hole in the nursing market has come about due to the huge demand the field has experienced over recent years. As a result, pursuing a career in nursing is a wise choice for those interested in medical practice.


The demand for licensed electricians is set to grow by 14% by 2024, making this job a good contender for those who are technically-inclined. Society’s absolute reliance on electricity has a direct impact on the job market’s ever increasing need for certified electricians. If you thought alternative energy technologies would eradicate this role, think again, as more qualified electricians will be required to install and maintain these energy sources in our homes and businesses.

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Accountants and Auditors

All companies, irrespective of size, and all self-employed individuals, will need an accountant’s or auditor’s expertise at some point. Due to this reality, accountants and auditors are always in demand, even when other jobs take a beating. For those who are numerically minded, this career path will guarantee your future job security because of several factors which have contributed to the increased demand of professionals in this field. These factors include a more intense focus on business ethics, the move towards International Financial Reporting Standards and more complex business models.

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