Do you know how to handle any given risk that may come your way at your workplace? Can you work through the complexities of your industry and ultimately, contribute to the growth of your company? Are you a resilient person in your workplace?

This year’s Business Leaders Malta annual conference will create a knowledge sharing platform for business people who would like to gain an in-depth insight on best practiced strategies of being resilient in your career. This 2017 conference, which is set to take place on 24th February at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort and Spa, is applicable to large corporate audiences as well as start-ups and SMEs alike. The conference will provide attendees with the necessary mind-set to develop strong leadership skills and be able to make judgement calls, which positively affect the workforce they form part of.

The three speakers who will take charge at this year’s conference include Dr. Andrew J. Shatté, President of Phoenix Life Academy in the USA. This Academy specialises in consultancy and training of resilience at the workplace, and run by the ethos that it is through resilience that a person is most likely to succeed in their professional life. CEO Steve Mercieca from Zanzi Homes and Quicklets, both of which are young companies that are constantly growing and reaching set target goals, will also be taking the stage, together with NHS veteran adviser Chris Moon. Chris has obtained a strong understanding of human behaviour in extreme circumstances through his extremely challenging and inspiring experiences as a former British Army Officer – which may be viewed on the Discovery Channel documentary ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’.

‘The Resilient Leader’ which is the eighth edition of Business Leaders Malta conference, is in collaboration with founding partners KONNEKT, JUGS and Mdina International who will be in attendance on the day.

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