Why sales?

Working in the sales industry consists of selling a company’s products or services. This involves being able to deal with different types of customers including other individuals and businesses, being flexible to work in different environments, being goal-oriented, and having a competitive edge. Working in sales involves winning over new business, as well as maintaining good relationships with clients. The sales industry is known for being target-driven with long working hours to reach sales targets, and can consequently be very demanding. However, this also brings with it great reward and satisfaction for those who like a challenge, as well as interacting with other people on the job and enjoy working outside an office.

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Skills Needed:

The following skills are desirable when working in the sales industry:

  • Excellent communication skills to listen to customers’ needs while explaining the benefits of the product or service you are selling
  • Self-confident, ambitious and determined
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic
  • Able to work on own initiative
  • Great persuasion skills

Sales Job Opportunities in Malta

In Malta, the average starting salaries in this industry start at €13,000 plus commission but this may go up to €45,000 after years of experience and professional development. If you are willing to work hard and meet the necessary quotas, the income from a sales career can be substantial. Most companies offer attractive rewards and commissions, particularly in industries such as real estate and software sales. Additionally, jobs within the sales industry are not scarce and a simple job search can result in several opportunities.

Below are some of the most common sales jobs in Malta:

Sales Executive

Sales Executives are responsible for driving sales by developing and maintaining relationships with customers, understanding customers’ needs, and negotiating with them. They regularly work towards reaching and exceeding sales targets.

Sales Executives must be highly organised and customer-oriented with great communication skills. They must also thrive while working under pressure in order to meet targets and deadlines.

Advertising Sales Executive

Advertising Sales Executives are responsible for finding and establishing relationships with advertising partners for their company. The job of an Advertising Sales Executive typically involves working in the media sector, such as TV, radio or print media companies to sell advertising space.

Advertising Sales Executives must have excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills, as well as being self-motivated to work under pressure. They must also have a local business acumen to succeed in this field.

Business Development Executive

Business Development Executives work on the financial growth of their company by generating leads and sourcing new clients. In addition to identifying and engaging with potential clients, they must also maintain strong relationships with existing ones. This involves understanding clients’ requirements and highlight the services which can best meet their needs. Business Development Executives must have strong negotiation and communication skills, both in terms of listening to clients as well as presenting new ideas. They must also be pro-active and self-motivated in their work.

Opportunities for Career Progression:

Most jobs in sales allow for progression to handling larger and more prestigious customers and clients, and taking responsibility for key products. Demonstrating leadership skills can lead to managerial roles, where one is responsible for leading a sales team, or project management roles in the case of Business Development Executives.

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