The industry ofrecruitment in Malta is now blooming more than ever. However this means that competition is fierce, talent is scarce and a company's reputation does not cut it any more when searching for the #1. Recruitment has become as much of an art-form as it is a science, and attraction is an important factor in any candidate search.

A number of companies have been taking it to the next level with creative campaigns, and here are 5 of our favourite creative recruitment campaigns;

1. Flickr's hidden code.

enter image description here

Many companies make it a point to advertise job positions for optimal market exposure. Flickr hid it's vacancy only for coders to find – inside the source code of the website.

2. Life's too short for the wrong job.

enter image description here created an ad campaign that won many awards for it's creative print campaign. The idea is that there are people working inside these machines – heading with the slogan “Life is too short for the wrong job”.

3. Stuck in the wrong Job?

enter image description here followed a similar line of thought when coming up with this campaign. Appealing to people who feel like they are stuck in the wrong career results in motivated job seekers once their passion and aspirations are uncovered.

4. Brutally honest assistant advert.

enter image description here

Even though crude in it's title and description – this ad plays on lowering a person's expectations to the point where honesty is the major factor. It has been proven that companies advertising both negative and positive traits tend to return in lower turnover.

5. Uncle Sam & Lord Kitchener posters.

enter image description here enter image description here

Who can forget the classic Uncle Sam poster, and it's less popular British version portraying Lord Kitchener. These two posters inspired young men to join the ranks to fight in both WWI and WWII. It might be interesting to point out that Lord Kitchener's poster was the original version of the two, with Uncle Sam's being based on it.


enter image description here

We recently held a recruitment campaign of our own called Ready Set {01000111 01101111}, specifically targeting developers. We provided a landing page with a jumble of letters that required it's decryption. The few developers whom finished the challenge received an opportunity to discuss career opportunities with us regarding a number renowned of clients of ours.

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