A sizeable percentage of the 4,000 plus interviews the KONNEKT team conducts each year is with people in their 20's looking for jobs in Malta. Some impress us with their maturity, while others do an equally good job with their total lack of it.

TED has recently posted a talk by clinical psychologist Meg Jay, with a bold message for the "twentysomethings". Your 20's are not a time where to put your life on hold, but a formative time that will have a great impact on the rest of your life. Our recruitment experience shows that a person's first job will most probably seal a career path and as a result determine future earnings.

Although not a totally career oriented talk, Dr Jay is emphatic that things like career and family, which become more important and do tend to happen later in life have their roots in decisions taken when we are in our twenties.

Click here to enjoy this inspiring talk.

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