KONNEKT- Search and Selection, the leading psychology oriented recruitment agency in Malta has launched a new and improved website.

The changes were made keeping in mind the 8,000 unique monthly visitors to the site, most of which would be candidates looking for a career move or fresh graduates looking for their first jobs in Malta. The Career Opportunities section now has improved functionality, with a cleaner and fresher look, allowing for a fast and streamlined job hunt. A new feature on the site are the job tags. One can choose from two categories; using Keywords such as ‘Accountant, Manager, Executive etc’ or different sectors ,‘financial services, information technology, retail, manufacturing...’ making the job search as easy as possible.

Clients can now browse KONNEKT’s services in the new and updated Recruitment Solutions section. A vast selection of training for HR professionals is now also being offered. KONNEKT; together with Talent Q, will now be offering personality assessments as well as verbal and logical tests. The company is also providing evidence based training in recruitment and interviewing to in house HR Teams by sharing some of its extensive knowledge base on the subject. These new training programmes will help recruiters and HR personnel delve deeper in the vast and growing world of psychology based recruitment.

‘This website is our third website in our fifth year of operations. We are very happy with the progress to date.’ said Managing Director Josef Said. ‘The investment we are making in people, knowledge, technology and process is more than paying off; paving the way for some interesting projects.’

The recruitment agency has a proven methodology and claims that its good not because they sell, but because they have the ability to source and select the best people.

Josef Said added;

‘As after all, it is good people that make great companies!’

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