Some 200 firms have been approached by Business Leaders Malta to participate in its latest initiative – an online employee study which aims to reveal how organisations’ human resources policies and strategies are perceived by their own teams.The top scoring firm in each of seven domains will be recognised with a Business Leaders Employer Award at the annual BLM event next February.

Business Leaders Malta is a network established by team-building firm Jugs Malta, recruitment agency KONNEKT, and training company Mdina Partnership, and is best known for its vibrant annual networking event which is now heading for a fourth edition.

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Employees of participating firms will be asked to fill in a carefully designed 70-question online survey to rate their employer on leadership effectiveness, communication and team cohesiveness, training and development, reward and recognition, corporate culture, performance orientation, and employee well-being. The entire process – from data collection to analysis and reporting – is anonymous.

KONNEKT’s Josef Said added that despite the economic slowdown, firms still faced a scarcity of talent in disciplines like accounting, IT, and senior management. Participating firms are eager to prove to their teams and prospective employees that they are an employer of choice.

A year in the offing, the survey, governed by a confidentiality agreement, will involve tailor-made data processing software. The online questionnaire will run from October 15 to November 15 and will be dispatched to organisations’ staff members through a unique, one-use link which will be valid for a week. Participating firms will have access to live updates on their response rate performance and will receive average scores and statistical significance test for each question by December 2.

All results will be collected separately and individual answers will be checked for integrity and coded into a survey reporting system. Comparative average scores will be issued to reflect each organisation’s position in relation to other entrants. Firms will individually become aware of statistically significant scores, indicating areas in which they excel or lag behind the market average.

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