Many of Malta’s top business leaders today attended a dynamic conference, held in the Ballroom of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Golden Sands, that resourcefully highlighted the importance of change and adaptability in the modern marketplace.

Over 250 leaders from across the sectors – from hotels to consultancy firms, and importers to senior Government officials – attended the innovative invite-only event, which has seen its participation figures double since last year’s Selection to Perfection Conference. This year’s theme, Change Your Frequency, tackled the importance of adapting an organisation to shifts in the marketplace, as well as the topic of good leadership.

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The conference was introduced by Steve Tarr, Managing Director of Mdina Partnership and one of the founding members of Business Leaders Malta, who discussed the four major stages of change: denial, resistance, exploration and commitment. Those themes were further highlighted during an energetic Q&A session with a panel of top local business leaders, namely Albert Mamo, Managing Director Gasan Mamo; Anthony Diacono, Chairman Medserv; Helga Ellul, Ceo Playmobil; Ivan Bartolo, CEO 6pm; and Julian Jaeger, CEO Malta International Airport. The session was hosted by Lou Bondi.

Speaking after the conference, Mr Tarr said: “We actually had to turn people away this year, which shows how open innovators are to the idea of change, and how much they crave this type of pioneering learning environment."

“It is important not to be frightened by change. As our panellists expertly explained through the stories of their own personal experiences, change needs to be managed and tackled, but can ultimately lead to much better things. In fact, it is the transition towards change that is the painful part, not change itself.”

The Conference also presented a session by Steve O’Halloran, from Examplas UK, which posed direct questions to delegates on the adaptability of their organisations. Additionally, Susan Cole, Director of Guthrie & Cole UK, talked about the fundamentals of leading through change and making a real difference. In between sessions, delegates were also privy to three custom-created videos by branding and design agency BRND WGN, which highlighted the importance of crafting strong brands that adapt to marketplace changes including digital marketing and social media.

Finally, the themes of the conferences were summated through a vibrant session, led by JugsMalta’s Gianni Zammit, that showed first-hand how change can be adapted to. Delegates were invited to take part in a specialised percussion session by some key members of Tribali, that helped them to directly respond to change and open their minds to new methodologies.

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Change Your Frequency was organised by Jugs@Malta, KONNEKT and Mdina Partnership in collaboration with Island Hotels and BRND WGN and sponsored by Exemplas, Melita, Motherwell Bridge, Smart Technologies and SkyParks Business Centre.

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