At the moment we are in what is popularly referred to as a candidate driven market. Strong candidates find themselves in a position where they are being considered for multiple opportunities, securing interviews quickly with several prospective employers.

Unemployment in Malta is currently at its lowest rate since the turn of the century and competition for skilled candidates is fierce. In a climate such as this, it is very important to move as quickly as possible with the right people when looking to secure new recruits for your business.

Top things to keep in mind:

Act swiftly when you come across a strong CV:

  • Whether it is a direct application or a candidate has been highlighted by a recruitment agency. Ordinarily the person’s CV would have been sent to more than one potential employer at the same time. The faster you revert back to gain commitment for an interview, the more likely you are to engage the candidate.

Sell the role and the company:

  • Whilst interviews will rightly focus on assessing the suitability of an individual for your vacancy, keep in mind that the candidate is also assessing the role and company’s suitability for their aspirations. Use this time to promote the company and the opportunities available within your organisation. Things you may wish to highlight are opportunities of growth within the business, training offered, company culture, team dynamics and any other benefits.

Fast interview feedback:

  • If you feel the interview went well and wish to progress to a second stage, it may be worthwhile trying to gain commitment for a second interview immediately upon the conclusion of the first interview.

  • Even if you do not wish to progress further with an application, candidates truly respect and appreciate a swift response after an interview takes place. Enhance your company’s reputation by providing logical and concrete reasons for not taking the application forward.

Second interviews:

  • Second interviews are a key part of any recruitment process, both from a candidate’s and an employer’s perspective. However, I would strongly recommend keeping the period of time between first and second interviews as short as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely a candidate is to commit to interviews with other companies which may impact on your chances to secure their services.

There are no guarantees in recruitment, however the faster and more professional your recruitment process is, the higher your chances of securing the right talent.

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