This week Edel Bonello and Adriana De Carlo, Recruitment Specialists at Konnekt, attended the 2018 HR Spring event organised by the Business Leaders Malta. This year’s HR Spring Event shed light on a range of topics relating to technology in the workplace and millennials. The speakers discussed the need to adapt our approach within the workplace to the developments in technology and new tools available at our fingertips. They also explained the continuous change in dynamics within the office environments we form part of, with the introduction of the generations Y and Z, who bring to the table a fresh approach that is different and adds on to what generation X’s have learnt and worked on throughout the years before.

The speakers at this year’s HR Spring Event were Professor Patrick Flood, Katrina Grech, Dr Gege Gatt and Anais Bock, who each explained that it is vital to be open and to learn and adapt our knowledge to new tools and methods.

The 2018 HR Spring Event was held on the 13th June at Villa Mdina, Naxxar.

The Konnekt team works hard to maintain contact with different industries in order to understand their needs and thus provide a better service. An integral part of this is being exposed to training and networking events such as the HR Spring event organised by Business Leaders Malta.