As we are dedicating this year to environmental awareness, Konnekt is getting directly involved to contribute to the environment throughout 2017. On Friday 7th April, Konnekt visited The Gaia Foundation to learn about national plants and their protection. Founded in 1994, the Gaia Foundation is a registered non profit and non governmental organisation. It is specialized in environmental management of specially protected areas throughout the Maltese Islands.

The day began with a tour of the grounds. The team was shown the tree nursery and greenhouse area, where the Foundation’s members and volunteers work hard to propagate many endemic and indigenous plants. These plants are protected by The Gaia Foundation from pests and other invasive species through non-invasive and natural ways. We then visited the historical Gћajn Tuffieћa watchtower, which offers spectacular views of Golden Bay and Gћajn Tuffieћa.

We later participated in a Treasure Hunt activity, that focused on a variety of nationally and internationally important attributes such as historical facts, environmental information with regards to waste, habitat and indigenous/endemic species, and humanitarian values. The winning team was gifted with cuttings of plants cultivated from seedlings at the Gaia Foundation itself: the Maltese Stock and Gozo Hyoseris, both endemic plants, and the indigenous Yellow Leaved Germander. We later got our hands dirty and pitched in, by sowing more than 40 Chaste and Olive Tree seeds, both being indigenous plants, which are to be cultivated by the Gaia Foundation.

Preeo Software, who offer software development, mobile development and expert consultation services in Malta, also joined Konnekt Search & Selection for this team building event.