The talent required to service growing industries in the Maltese Islands is on the increase. This has a direct impact on recruitment agencies and HR departments looking to identify and dissect the skill sets and persons required to fill these positions and find jobs in Malta. This has led us at KONNEKT to take a more active role in sharing and participating in the industry's knowledge, rather than acting as an external service provider. Our goal is that of working in partnership with our clients, rather than simply acting as service providers.

Increasingly specialised positions, international talent, as well as the speed with which certain organisations are hiring requires recruiters who are up to date with industry trends and best practice at all times.

The IT & iGaming Recruitment team at KONNEKT is made up of IT and HR specialists, all of whom receive a well rounded mix of internally-provided and outsourced training.

Recruitment Specialists joining the team undergo intensive induction sessions to hone their recruitment skills through training sessions in order to learn best-practice skills for interviewing candidates, as well as to develop a sensitive understanding and a practical perspective of the industry. All of this in addition to a rounded overview of HR functions.

The latter is supplemented with shadowing of more senior recruitment specialists during candidate interviews. This allows for first hand learning of interview techniques, starting from the very first few days following onboarding at KONNEKT. We have also adopted a proven method of buddy systems, where a senior and junior recruitment specialist from the same team work together to impart knowledge and offer fresh perspective on the industry and practice.

At a more macro level, knowledge sharing is done through regular meetings that happen multiple times throughout the week where the entire IT & iGaming Recruitment team discuss ongoing vacancies and client / candidate experiences with the team. This allows us to set the agenda for the day or week, and for fresh perspectives on tackling any ongoing issues. It also serves the purpose of the entire team sharing success stories, making each personal victory a team one. In addition, this ensures that any given project is being given attention by the whole team, rather than by the Recruitment Specialist alone.

External training is an equally important part of training at KONNEKT. Multiple sessions are held throughout the year by industry experts from different fields to add an increased level of technical knowledge. Most recently, the IT & iGaming Recruitment team held Software Development workshops provided by one of the industry’s most reputable CTO, Adrian Mizzi. This training provided the team with a hands-on and practical perspective on the industry as well as it served to add knowledge in relation to contextual interviewing techniques.

All KONNEKT team members also benefit highly from regular attendance to multi-industry conferences, with the purpose of keeping up-to-date on developments in the industry.

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