Studying at university is an exciting time filled with new experiences. Interacting with different people, making new friends and overcoming challenges whilst learning about the subjects which you are passionate about, are some of the things which make your years at university a truly special time.

Throughout this time, questions such as ‘what will I do after I finish university’ or ‘what can I do with my degree’ may regularly pop up in your mind, and answering them can be quite tricky. However, the first step in doing so is to BE INFORMED. KONNEKT’s team of Recruitment Specialists have an extensive knowledge of graduate jobs in Malta

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Attending career-related workshops held at university is another great way of answering some of these questions. This scholastic year, KONNEKT will once again be collaborating with several student organisations to organise career workshops and mock interviews events at the University of Malta throughout the year. Keep up-to-date with all our latest events on campus here.

Researching the job market, being aware of the types of jobs available and knowing your strengths can also help you figure out which jobs best match your skill-set. Some great ways of doing this is by getting involved with student organisations and gaining work experience whilst studying. Not only can this help you to develop new skills and develop awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, but it also gives you the opportunity to network with future employers.

Making the most of your years at university is not only related to how hard you study, but also to the new experiences you face, the challenges you overcome and the people you meet. These allow you to develop as a person and gain skills which you can use in your career throughout your life.

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