A recent survey ranked Malta as one of the Top 3 Destinations for expats. Industries that are struggling to find local talent, such as Information Technology and iGaming, are opening up vacancies to expats willing to take on a new challenge and make the move. Are you one of them?

KONNEKT offers a large number of IT jobs in Malta. In order to gauge your skills and competencies, we’ve devised a little test for you to take on and complete. Once submitted, we’ll guide you through the hiring process and offer assistance all the way through to your first day of work!

Let us break it down for you.

1. Request the test
Send us an email with your updated CV and give us a brief on your interest in relocating.

2. Take on the challenge
Upon review, you will receive an email with a link to a technical test, through an online testing platform. Get through the test, and click submit.

3. Skype Interview
We will get back to you with the result of your test, and following that set a SKYPE call to get to know you better. Here we will conduct your first interview, as well as discuss any questions that you might have with regards to Malta, the recruitment process, taxes, cost of living and job opportunities available.

4. Recruitment Process
We'll introduce you to our clients and follow up the entire process with feedback and advice.

5. Relocation
You’ve got the job, and the contract is all set. Now to the actual relocation bit! We will assist with the process, getting you in touch with real estate agents to find property, guide you through the entire paper-work. We’ll even pick you up from the airport!

6. Winner
Finally, we will evaluate your test score and your ability to secure employment in Malta, and if you qualify we will grant you up to 500 euro to assist with your relocation. We will keep helping and advising you in growing your career in Malta.

Looking for more information about Malta?

A country sporting 300 days of summer, rich heritage and a multicultural population, Malta and its sister island Gozo are most definitely an expat’s dilemma. They are both lined with sandy and rocky beaches and a number entertainment venues, in addition to each having their own unique benefits and quirks.

The local job market is flourishing and growing by the day, a fact that as Malta’s largest recruitment agency we appreciate and explore on a daily basis. Our IT Recruitment Team is currently working with some of Malta’s most reputable companies in search for skilled Java & .NET Developers across the EU that are interested in working in Malta, one of the most exciting and quickly growing IT jobs markets in the EU region. Find out more about relocating to Malta by downloading our Guide to Living & Working in Malta.

Think you’re ready to take on this challenge?

Send us an email with your updated CV/Resume and a brief on your interest in relocating, at careers@konnekt.com to get started.

See you at the airport ;)

The KONNEKT IT Recruitment Team

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