On Monday 3rd April, Konnekt Search & Selection attended this year's Meet Your Employer conference hosted by UESA at the Magezino Hall in Valletta. This event hosted a total of 12 speakers, most of whom are qualified engineers, to discussed two main topics of engineering: Research and Development, and Quality Control. An estimate of 80 students reading for their degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering at the University of Malta attended this conference, with Konnekt being one out of the 11 companies who attended.

At the Meet Your Employer conference, Konnekt had the opportunity to meet Engineering students at all levels at University in person, and briefly speak to them about employment opportunities in the engineering industry. We strongly encourage students to further their studies and expand their knowledge so as to have ample choice in job opportunities once they finalise their studies.

Konnekt is here to offer it’s services to students and newly graduates alike, as we host or attend activities and events respectively, which aim to pass on knowledge that is vital for shaping students’ career prospects. We are also there to give a helping hand in finding the right job for those who enter the working world. For more information, contact us on careers@konnekt.com.