In 2015, more than 80,000 people in Malta changed jobs – that’s almost half of the working population. In the 1990s, people remained in the same job for six to eight years. However the situation nowadays is very different with people frequently changing their place of work before reaching their fifth year at the company.

Recruitment in Malta has drastically changed over the years, mostly due to advancements in technology. As a candidate, technology has had two major impacts on the job search: speed and organisational transparency. Likewise, companies have better reach of candidates and easier access to background checks. Nowadays, not only are job seekers competing against others looking for the same role, but employers now also need to do their best to push branding to attract the best talent to their company.

From a recruitment perspective, agencies play a very valid role in sustaining Malta’s economic growth. Recruitment agencies have long transitioned from being simply regarded as suppliers of CVs. The relationship is that of a business partner, where the recruiter understands and actively participates in solving business needs and strengthening a company’s human resources strategy. Agencies are critical at closing the gaps by either directing candidates at where the gaps in the market exist or at attracting talent from overseas.

KONNEKT grew out of the belief that recruitment should not be transaction-focused but people-focused. The company is now Malta’s leading professional recruitment agency with over 30 driven professionals who work tirelessly to provide an excellent service to clients and candidates alike.

Integrity, reputation and expertise are an integral part of the way we work, and this led to the development of a business model which is very different to what you normally find in the market. Our work ethic has earned us the trust of a wide network of over 40,000 candidates who are looking to start or progress in their careers. We are very focused on doing what is right. We work towards building relationships and will not attempt to place candidates unless they are the right match with the employer. Our internal systems are built to support our team to deliver exceptional service to both candidates and employers. Long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates are a result of our loyalty towards them and putting their needs above all else.

Through its extensive experience in recruitment, KONNEKT has developed a strong methodology for identifying and selecting outstanding talent in order to ensure a long-lasting and rewarding relationship between the company and the ideal candidate. Last year, the company set up two specialised teams focusing on recruitment for the Finance & Legal and IT & iGaming industries. This decision was driven by the increase in demand for expert selection in these sectors. These specialised teams undergo ongoing niche training in areas such as finance, information technology, employment law and relocation services, to further strengthen their knowledge and expertise when dealing with clients from these industries.

Working at KONNEKT means that no two days are the same, and you get to work both independently and as part of a tight-knit team. Additionally, working as a recruiter means that you play a central role in transforming people's lives by helping them find their dream job.

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