How To Achieve Gender Equality In The Workplace

13/09/2018 | In The Workplace

Issues pertaining to gender equality at the workplace have improved tremendously over the past few decades, but although we’ve come a long way as a nation, there are still areas that require more... read more

Blockchain: The Backbone of Cryptocurrencies

06/09/2018 | News

Startups, businesses, and other organizations are increasingly favouring the introduction of the digital decentralized based network to track and strengthen their digital assets and transactions... read more

Series 1: Auditing or Accounting from a Recruitment Perspective

30/08/2018 | Job Focus

Accounting Firms or CSP’s offer a wide range of services, from basic accounts or bookkeeping to more complex functions, such as advisory, tax returns and audits. A Corporate Service Provider... read more


Salary Calculator

Use our free online salary calculator to find out how much you get to pocket from your gross salary. The Konnekt Malta Tax Calculator is a simple tool that gives you a comprehensive overview of your salary while employed in Malta.
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Salary Benchmark

Through you can compare your current salary to that of other employees with the same role, and to the local industry average. This tool comes in handy when evaluating new salary offers and salary raises. Get your first report for free.
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Job Alerts

Receive weekly, daily or live email notifications about the latest jobs. Job Alerts is a free email service that notifies you of new job postings that match what you’re looking for. You can update your job alerts or unsubscribe at any time from within the emails you receive.
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