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Throughout the decades, Malta has become reputable for its 300 days of summer and beautiful beaches, attracting many foreigners to make a move and settle on these small Mediterranean Islands.

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The IT Industry in Malta

The Information Technology (IT) Industry in Malta has long been on the rise, having peaked with the increasing number of Gaming companies setting up shop in Malta and opening a number of gaming vacancies in Malta over the past few years. In addition to a booming Gaming industry, IT Departments in Financial Services companies, as well as specialised IT Services companies heavily recruit individuals with skills in IT.

IT Services companies, which most developers aggregate to, tend to be set up in one of three ways;

Living in Malta

The Republic of Malta is a beautiful archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, over 350km from the North African coast on one end, and the island of Sicily on the other. Malta is enlisted as a place of historical importance due to its strategic location and the role this played in some of the most renowned battles, sieges and Wars. Malta is also home to some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world. In 2004, Malta formed part of the the European Union and officially replaced the Maltese Lira with the Euro currency, in 2008.

The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English, with the former being the national language and the latter being considered as the language of business.

Salaries in Malta

The average annual salary in Malta is recorded as being €16,082, ranging from €26,552 among managers to €10,676 among elementary staff. Salaries are very dependent on industry, with the highest paying being those related to the financial and IT industries. It is also common for additional benefits to be part of the remuneration package. Standard Maltese tax rates apply to those who have been residing in Malta for more than 183 days. Those who have not been living in Malta for such a period of time (called, Non-residents) are subject to different tax bands.

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