Permanent Recruitment

Looking to recruit people on a permanent basis? We offer a number of search and selection options. We tap into our resources and embark on advertising campaigns to reach a local or global audience reach.

Do you want an end-to-end recruitment solution? Leave it all to us to apply our expertise in handling your recruitment process discreetly.

We take our Talent Search service a step further by expanding the search for talent beyond our established network. After analysing your job requirements, we provide you with a tailored campaign on where best to advertise your vacancy to attract the right people. This allows for a broader search, reaching individuals both nationally and globally. We also offer additional tools to supplement the selection process. We only charge upfront for advertising and resources to enhance our search and selection. Placement fees are charged on successful placement of a candidate.

Still require more support? View our other listed services or contact us to tailor a proposal to suit your needs.

Increased attraction of the right candidates through a custom designed advertising campaign
A hassle-free recruitment solution
A dedicated Recruitment Specialist managing your search, assisted by a support team
Supplementary free promotion of your vacancy on our site, social media, and affiliated sites
Placement fees are only payable upon the successful placement
The option to extend this service to a tailored solution

Meet & Define.

We get a full understanding of your company, the job vacancy and the candidate profile you are searching for. We assist you to define the requirements of the vacant position/s, matching them to what we know about job seekers’ expectations. We assess the most timely and effective manner to identify and deliver suitable candidates within an agreed timeframe. We will also guide you to choose the most effective online and offline media to advertise your position and follow up with a proposal of advertising and tools to maximise the search.

Select & Screen.

We work as your partner throughout the recruitment process, refining our search to ensure we remain on track. Specialist recruiters interview all prospective candidates and hand-pick the ones who have the right competencies for your position as well as personal attributes to fit your organisation’s culture.We supplement the sourcing process by tapping into our already established network of candidates and provide you with a shortlist of pre-screened candidates who best match your job requirements. Rest assured that our search does not extend to poaching your people to place them elsewhere.

Finalise & Appoint.

We manage the entire process, from the design of tailored advertising, to communication with candidates, up to the final stages. We present you with a shortlist of candidates with the best fit to the job and will support you to coordinate interviews on your behalf. We remain unrelenting in working with you till you find the right person.

We work with a number of both local as well as international clients and assist them in identifying non-executive board members. With over 15 years experience in recruitment, we are uniquely placed to identify people who not only have strong industry and functional expertise, but who also have the credibility and gravitas for such a role. We are conscious that non-executive directors need to be able to articulate and mirror an organisation’s ethos and culture as well as have extensive industry expertise. We also appreciate that non-executive directors need to be intrinsically critical, demanding and results-oriented. Our team has been intricately involved for a number of years in the service of appointing non-executive board members to a number of local and international companies.

Konnekt directors and partners have over 15 years experience in recruitment.
Well networked with and experienced in dealing with high-profile individuals
Good eye to identifying individuals with a good culture fit


We set up a one-to-one meeting to fully understand your requirements, company structure, culture and ethos.


We are well placed to identify potential individuals who have a strong track record, are respected both locally and overseas, and have extensive industry expertise.


We introduce both parties to initiate discussions, liaising closely to ensure an even and seamless process until an agreement is reached.

The selection criteria for international candidates will be based on a search for specialised technical expertise which may not be found locally. Moreover, with international recruitment, Konnekt Recruitment Specialists also pay particular attention to cultural adaptability, language fluency, availability to travel and country-specific experience, family flexibility and willingness to relocate. All this in addition to the customary assessment on professional, competence and technical expertise.

We also carry out inbound international recruitment for employers wishing to connect with jobseekers in specific countries or regions in order to fill the job in Malta; and outbound international recruitment for employers who would like to fill an overseas job vacancy with local talent. Over the years, Konnekt has successfully placed numerous candidates in jobs throughout Europe and North Africa.

Handling of the complexity of searching for talent at international level
100 day money back guarantee. No clawbacks
Dedicated Recruitment Specialist overseeing the project, aided by a support team
Free advertising on social media, and affiliate sites
Fees are only payable upon the successful placement
Optional extension of service with Talent Search & Selection


We set up a one-to-one meeting to fully understand your company, the job vacancy, its requirements and the candidate profile you are searching for. We also discuss any relocation packages offered.


We carry out a thorough database search to identify potential candidates already screened by Konnekt's recruitment team. To attract foreign candidates, an advertising campaign is launched targeting specific countries or regions.


Interviews take place locally, through face-to-face or video-conference meetings, with the aim of finding candidates who have the required qualifications and experience, together with receptivity to overseas job opportunities. Specialist recruiters hand-pick the ones which are thought to have the right competencies for the job.


You will be presented with a shortlist of candidates with the best fit to the job and we will coordinate a schedule of second interviews together with you and the screened candidates.

Whether your company is relocating part or all of its operations, whether you are a start-up organisation or you want to achieve specific new developments for your business, we can help you find the right candidates to fill multiple roles, in a seamless manner. Konnekt can provide you with staff solutions, focusing on staff at varying levels and with different skill sets. Alternatively we can also provide you with solutions when you need to expand your capacity swiftly. We will discuss your requirements with you and come up with a tailored plan to achieve your objectives within the required time frame.

Quick, precise and a hassle-free solution to multiple role recruitment
Money back guarantee
Dedicated Recruitment Specialist overseeing the project, aided by a support team
Supplementary free promotion of your vacancies on our site, social media, and affiliated sites
Fees are only payable upon the successful placement
Option to promote your roles via dedicated marketing campaigns

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