Interim Recruitment

Are you looking for a quick solution for temporary vacant positions? Temping is a flexible and reliable way of hiring. We provide recruitment for employment offered on a temporary basis or for defined periods of time.

We can help you find the right persons for employment offered on a temporary basis or for defined periods of time. Whether you need temporary employees to fill in temporarily vacant positions for long periods of leave, due to the varying nature of demands or to assess the need and functionality of a particular job role in a company, prior to employing someone new on a full-time basis.

We offer this service not only for jobs held for a very short period of time. We can support you to source employees for varied durations, from a couple of weeks to a number of months, on a full-time and part-time basis.


These secondments offer flexibility and a reduction in the administration process for employers as the employee signs a contract with, is officially employed by KONNEKT. Once an agreement on the parameters of the secondment is reached between KONNEKT and the contracting company, KONNEKT handles payroll and administration tasks related to the employment of such individuals, for the duration of the agreement.

This service is provided for a monthly fee which covers the employee’s salary and benefits, together with an administration fee.

Quick, precise and a hassle-free solution to recruitment
Dedicated Recruitment Specialist overseeing the project, aided by a support team
All payroll and administration duties related to employment are handled by us


We set up a one-to-one meeting to fully understand your company, the job vacancy and the candidate profile you are searching for. We want to understand your industry and make sure that the process is a joint path.


We carry out a thorough database search to identify potential candidates already screened by KONNEKT’s recruitment team. We also advertise the job role for free on online media affiliated with KONNEKT.


Specialist recruiters interview all prospective candidates and hand-pick the ones which are thought to have the right competencies for the job. The chosen candidate will be placed at your company.

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